Gifting Zazen Boxes

Care Packages

Do you have a child away at college or living in a different city.  Subscribing to Zazen Boxes is a great way to send your kiddo self care goods on a regular basis.  You are welcome to complete the sensory profile for the person who your suscribing for or we will follow up with them to get them to complete the quiz.

Do you have a parent in a retirement home or senior living community?  Our self care goods are Occupational Therapist quality goods delivered to your loved one.  Give them a mood boost and some fun tools to use on a regular basis by clicking below.

Corporate Gifts

Is wellness and fun part of your corporate values?  

We can create custom curated gifts, and send them out for you as a one time gift experience for your lucky recipients.  

Are you sending gifts out to your clients, referral sources, employees or colleagues?  We can accommodate up to 500 custom curated boxes at a time and send them out according to your timeline.

 Chinese New Year, Rohatsu, Christmas, Hannukah, New Years Day, Thank You's, Employee Birthdays. We can meet your needs to show how much you appreciate your business relationships.