June Zazen Box

June Zazen Box

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June Zazen Box

• Doterra Aromatherapy Soap. Allow the scent to ground you and bring you to the present moment with aromatherapy soap tailored to your sensory profile.

• Doterra Aromatherapy Inhaler. Take a 5 second deep breathe of your aromatherapy inhaler to relax and improve mood.

• Voluspa Candle. Enjoy this soy based candle scented with the finest aromatherapy oils from around the world.  Your candle scent will be based on your sensory profile.

• Wind up frog toy. Summer is coming, enjoy the sounds of frogs outside and play with this wind up vintage toy inspired frog while your stuck indoors

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We believe that modern society is taxing on humans' body and spirit.  

We believe that high quality sensory tools can allow humans to alter and improve their mood naturally. 

We believe that relief can come from YOUR SENSES, when you have tools to stimulate them. 

Zazen Boxes will send you a box of carefully curated sensory goods to help you sit, feel calm, and focused.  Our Zazen Box is a way to get customized, high quality self care goods delivered to your door in fun packaging on a regular basis. 

Zazen Box is a shipment of thoughtfully curated wellness goods, tailered to your profile, to improve your mood, moment and environment. 

What products are inside the Zazen Box ? 

Doterra & Aura Cacia Oils and Aromatherapy Products, Sensory Shoppe Sensory Tools, Stimtastic Jewelry, Voluspa Flame and Wax, Biofeedback Products, Sound Therapy Products,  Coping Skill Accessories, Stress and Tension Release Aids, Depression and Anxiety Tools.  Each Zazen Box has 3-5 items that retail for over $50, custom picked for you, for only $39.95, with FREE SHIPPING!